Franzosisch Kartoffel French Potatoes

This is a recipe from my Grandmother Mary. She was an amazing cook.

3 ½ quart baking pot

6 potatoes

12 eggs

½ pound of butter

1 pint of sour cream

Boil potatoes (don’t overcook)

Boil eggs (hard boil)

Cool for 1 hour

Peel Both eggs and potatoes

Slice potatoes ¼ inch

Butter bottom of pot generously

Add a layer of potatoes

Cover potatoes with slices of butter

Slice eggs with egg slicer

Layer eggs over potatoes

Spoon some sour cream over eggs

Add more sliced potatoes on top of sour cream

Continue layers ending with potatoes on top

Slice butter on last layer of potatoes

Bake at 350 degrees until potatoes are golden brown- Approximately 30-45  minutes

Let the mixture rest for 20 minutes before serving